What is the Powerplace?

Healing energy for your powerplace- balancing of living and working spaces.
Following the All- Encompassing Straightening I recommend a balancing and harmonisation of the living environment. You will notice that the wellbeing that is spreading within you will also want to spread in your surroundings.
By balancing and clearing your living and working speace it will create a balance between yourself and your daily sourroundings.
Old throughts, experiences and manifested energies are often attached to rooms.
By increasing the vibes of manifested energies of thoughts an experiences, the remote treatment of rooms cleanses and balances these rooms for greater harmony.
The structure of room, environmental influences, electric smog, water veins and any kind of radiation are transformed.
All humans or animals present are placed in the spiritual force field and the body system experience a spiritual purification.
This treatment is one time only and must not be repeated.
By treating your power place you will bring even more quality of living and harmony into your everyday life.
Pleace send me a photo of your home, the rooms or the car (exterior shot, must not be a current one) by email ore mobile phone. We will make an appointment for the treatment and you should be present in the rooms at the agreed time and date.
Personal invitation: I look forward to developing an individual concept with you. 
Kindly use the contact form for getting in touch with me.