Telegony is meant as the influence of all your sexual partnerships on your life, on your family and on your offspring. Through telegony deletion those influences are extinguished, so that you and your children can live in freedom from strange energy and in harmony.                                                                                                   Did you know that your first sexual partnership passes 70% of her/ his genetics on your descendants, even if you have got children with a completely different. How often does it happen that family members do not really „understand“ each other- because there are completely unknown energies that have an impact on them- but we simply do not sense. It refers to both women (mothers) and men (fathers) - this impact of former relations / partnerships and as a consequence, the stress for the whole family.                                         You can delete all of it even when you have already given birth to your joint children. Trough telegony deletion a family find back to its natural structure and all the burden and stress caused by ex-partners  will be permanently extinct.                                                                                                                                     Duration: ca 60 min          

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