Protection, Suppression, Healing and conversion card to aid in healing

*28000 Bovis units                                                                                                             *Can be used 24 hours a day, be safe and secure anywhere & anytime!                         *Intensive, highly effective protection card with anti- jamming and conversion funktions                                                                                                                  *Health card- on all topics related to health !                                                                   *Works on physical, mental and spiritual level                                                                   *Contains over 20 000 healing information & harmonization frequencies                       *Can even be saved with personal, individual things !                                                       *Protection through conversion of WLAN, 5G mobile phone radiation, transmission antennas, radio frequencies, microwaves, electrosmog, HAARP, chemtrails ect.           *Has a positive influence on your success and harmony in work, family and partnership !                                                                                                         *Disables every scanner in the supermarket for 24 hours ( from groceries that go through the checkout scanner- also in the organic market- ALL information is permanently deleted and food is worthless for the cell)                                                   *Energize and recharge drink and food of any kind!                                                         *Recognizability of toxins for the body and thus elimination possible                             *Water programming and water energizing in seconds                                                   *Cell light cleansing & cell ligth Enhancement                                                                   *Essential in today‘s stress                                                                                               *Supports the healing of your disease syptoms and prevents!                                         *Especially necessary for babies and children - developmental & protective !               *Interference fields from water veins, heating systems, power lines are converted     *Stressful radiation and waves in the car, in the house, apartement, clothings, furniture, workplace ect. are  suppressed and  converted into positive use                   *Just pop in 7 minutes for drinking, fruit, veg, groceries and charging !                         *Bring energetically dead food and clothes back to life !                                                 *Even protects against radioactivity and radiation exposure through meaningful conversion for your body                                                                                           *Just carry in your bag, jacket or under your pillow, in your refrigerator, in your car, under the mattress of the bed ect.                                                                                     *Anyone can apply the card effortlessly and use in with no side effects.                       *The programming lasts indefinitely the duration on the effect cannot be deleted !     *The most ingenious and useful gift for every occasion !      

CAN BE ORDERED: 0049 1743362846 (send a message)